The Pennypinchers

Welcome to Mrs. Pennypincher 😍

After much deliberation between Me, Myself & I, there was unanimous decision. We are re-launching our site. A new and much improved blog.

This blog is all about our 🏠.

We will showcase our love for 🍜, occasional recipes to be shared, upcycling furniture, my newfound love for 🌵🌱 (courtesy of my Master Gardener Hubsy) and Ming (the stray 🐈 who adopted us) whom we simply adore.

We love pretty things without paying full price (except for shoes, 🤣) and in our  itty bitty tiny world, we improvise, we save (for something better) and we share.

Together, we are The Pennypinchers.

Feel free to comment and suggest ideas (via my 📧 and maybe we can also make a collaboration, if time permits.

Welcome to our home. Mi Casa es su Casa!


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