Mirror Love

Last week during my OFF from work, I decided to paint something. I looked at the mirror I bought which was currently on my bathroom. And it sort of creamed at me, “MAKE ME PRETTY!” It was hard looking at something which has so much potential.

As you all know, I bought this mirror on craigslist:
m1This is just a small mirror with a (heavy) wooden frame. This mirror was Made in India. And the wood carvings was exceptional. I have this great obsession with mirrors. I feel like I can actually fill my house with mirrors of all sorts. That’s why I have to restrain myself from buying just any kind, they have to be really amazing for me to acquire it.

BTW, I also signed up on vimeo because I felt like sharing more of whatnots in my life.

On a different note, tomorrow is another OFF day from work and I am beyond excited as I just bought 2 cans of Annie Sloan’s paint. I bought a can of my all-time favorite, Emperor’s Silk and I just cant resist the urge of a dash of YELLOW in my crib. Ms. Nancy (from Sea Rose Cottage) actually was painting her folding chairs and I saw that Annie Sloan’s English Yellow is just the right kind of yellow I have been looking for. I do not particularly know what to paint it with but Im pretty positive that in due time, creativity will call my name.

Though I vowed to post more blog-entries on Beaucoup de Soleil, I have been busy last week on reminiscing Valentine’s Day spent with The Hubster (4 years ago) in Dubai. Yes, as some of you know, I called Dubai home for 4 years. You can visit my throw-blog, Dubai Nostalgia for some good old nostalgic moments. I must warn you though that there is a dash of Sass you would not expect from me. That is if you have recently known me. Ha Ha Ha!

And now that reminiscing is over, I can finally proceed forward in life. Okay, mainly upcycling my stuff. Are you as excited as me? I am overflowing with excitement.

Keep smiling everyone! Xx

A few days ago I posted this wooden mirror which I bought through my favorite shopping website, Craigslist. Yes, I am addicted to that website and usually check it on regular basis so the most beautiful pieces will not escape my hands.

So here is the wooden mirror. It’s small and I’m pretty sure that the purists will say that it look amazing by itself, but believe me that it looks filthy with your naked eye.

After much deliberation (mainly between myself and my alters) I decided to paint it with ASCP’s Provence which is actually one of my favorite Annie Sloan paint color. The hue is soothing to the eye.

So here is the finished product:


I had 2 coats of Provence and applied Picklee on Spring’s Poly Whey Top Coat which is a Satin Finish. Here’s what it looks like with some of my favorite things to look at on my (crampy) bathroom.


I felt that it has been some time since I last posted a Before & After photo:


I have read somewhere that your style is your art, and art need not be perfect. I know that my collection of home decor (while most of you adore my creations) some might think the other way. And frankly, I do not please other people. If you please other people, you end up pleasing no one. So better be just true to yourself and be cordial. Respect other people and their beliefs. That’s just how I roll in life.

Life is too short for drama. I always say YOLO (You only live once) which I read recently of its preposterousness. We do not live only once, we live everyday. We only die once. So let us make sure that we make this daily life worth living for. Let us maximize our potential. Let us make pretty things. Let us create something in this vast world. It need not be huge.

Let us change the world by changing ourselves.

Change comes from within.

Keep smiling everyone! Life is good! And it keeps getting better! Xx


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