Upcycled Project: Rustic Dining Table


Hello, Hello…

Let me tell you a story:

When we moved here in our crampy apartment, our downstairs neighbor was a Father and Son tandem. The Son has Asperger’s and at first it was horrifying because he was screaming a lot and I though when he shouted “I will kill you” or something violent, I thought he was referring to me. I can clearly hear him from downstairs and my immediate reaction was, try to cross the line or knock and I will hit you with a golf club or stab you with a fork. Sorry, I get carried away easily.

As soon as I was informed by my landlord that he has Asperger’s I sort of lay low. Tried understanding him better. He worked for several Consignment shops, he goes to foreclosed houses and take their things and bring them to the consignment shops. Most of the time, his truck will be filled with a lot of things  and he will offer me to buy some.

I bought this Vintage Table.


Do not ask me how much but it was dirt cheap.  I am after all, the Queen of Haggling. Ha Ha Ha.

So, I asked Mr. P (aka The Sandman) to sand the top and because I was in a hurry to have a new dining table, I sort of slacked and just painted the legs and stained the top.

So I decided to re-paint this table:



I felt that stencil will make this table POP.


I paired it with 2 chairs I bought via Craigslist.








Stencil made my heart flutter, like butterflies on the loose. It just makes me giddy and happy and emotional, especially once the outcome is revealed.

On a different note, I miss Mr. P so much and I hope he is not stressing so much while I am here in the Philippines with my peeps. Everything here is working according to plan and I am just exhilarated. I cant wait to go home with Mr. P and plan another dream…

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good!



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