Upcycled Project: Weave Baskets

Hello, Hello…

Last week was a blur.  If you follow us on instagram, you probably already know what we’ve been up to. One of my biggest achievement was to organize a Birthday party for Mama Pacita. She’s my Mother’s eldest sister who stepped up as our second mother. She and her Husband, Papa Vi sent me to College where I got a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors..) in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

We recently acquired their house (10 minute walk from the beach) and we will call it “Casa VYP” which is short for Casa Virgilio y Pacita.  This is one of the reason why I am here in my home country. I will meet with the Architect and Engineer for this small-scale project. Once we come up with the plan, I will most definitely be generous to share deets. Promise…

So prior to all the dramz in my life, I received this bundle of joy (nope, not a baby but almost the same level of happiness) from the mail.

Vintage and Restore by K

Vintage and Restore by K Furniture Paint is an American made chalky finish paint made by a local Colorado family-owned paint company. Their paint is used to achieve vintage/shabby chic look and no prepping is required. Which for me is absolutely AH-may-Zing!

I have asthma and if I start inhaling dust when I sand a furniture (this is why Mr. P is the Sandman!) I will literally be rushed to ER. No dramz!

So, to say that this kind of paint is a lifesaver could very well be an understatement. To which Mr. P refer to as “my jam!”.

If you knew me very well you would’ve known that the very first thing I did when I received my “stash” was to dance with joy, do a soundless scream (believe me, there is a thing!), get my sketchbook, start sketching, obsess with what projects to do. (In no particular order) I will obviously blog more of this product but for now let me show you my first project with Vintage and Restore by K.

I have gazillion handmade baskets I bought ages ago. Most of them are placed on my bathroom for storage purposes. Some on my living room for my throw pillows and blankets. I always think of them as boring but never had a chance to do something about that. While I was looking at the (Vintage and Restore by K) box, I was seated next to this. And I realized that it was kinda staring at me and telling me, “How about me?”

So this beauty became my first (Vintage and Restore by K) project:

My first ever paint color used is called Crisp Cotton. While I painting I thought to myself, “So this is why it’s called Crisp Cotton!” because it literally was crisp and the color was cotton on-point!

Vintage and Restore by K is so easy to use. Of course you need to wipe and clean your item first before you apply the paint but that’s about it.

Don’t you think it’s cute?

(This is a much better photo of my basket using Nikon D3000)

I felt that the basket has leveled-up and I think it’s saying Thank you!

Of course, since I obsess with cohesion, I decided to look for more baskets:

This is my bathroom. I have very small apartment hence small bathroom. So I made sure that I have nice storage baskets for aesthetic purposes. Every single time I look at it, I think to myself. there is something OFF here. And I knew that was COHESION.

Different basket sizes, colors and design. Kinda look so tupsy-turvy-ish.

Enter Vintage and Restore by K:

et voila!

I did not change anything but it feels like one big FAMILY to me.

If there are two things I have learned on this project that would be: (1) The resolution of a DSLR camera is way better than iPhone/iPad. Just check the difference on the photos. And (2) Using Vintage and Restore by K just feels so right, for all the right reasons.

Keep smiling y’all! Life is good!


PS: Thank you to Krista for introducing me to this new-found love.


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