Inspiration: Weave Basket Decor

Well Hello there…

As you know, Philippines is vast and generous with its natural resources. Growing up, we had weave products and capiz windows and hand woven cane chairs. Until now I am absolutely enthralled by those pieces.

Here are some of the inspiration I gathered for my next project:

west elm

the land of nod

ballard designs

tlc interiors

pompom and twiddle

connected goods

I miss Mr. P so much but this vacation is not just an ordinary vacation. This is a “working” vacay. If you follow me on IG (and watch my IG stories) you already know that I need to meet with my Architect and Engineer and come up with a final plan for our Beach House. (Promise to share deets as soon as finalized…)

I am also going to learn (or enhance my cooking skills…) how to make spring rolls, empanada and siopao. Per request by Mr. P because those are his faves.

Thank you guys for reading (and supporting…) my blog. Please follow us on IG (mrs_pennypincher) and our FB page (Mrs. Pennypincher).

Keep smiling y’all!



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