Charcuterie: New Found Love

Hello, Hello…

As I mentioned a few days back, the Hubsy and I are obsessed with Charcuterie.

We started our first charcuterie on this restaurant called Cheese Plate a couple of years ago. We loved it. The presentation was awesome and the waiter was knowledgeable. Then they closed.

Summer last year, the Hubsy and I went to Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard and we had another cheese plate. We loved it! We loved it so much that we decided to have our own charcuterie board.

This is our first attempt:

Gluten Free crackers, Provolone, Capocollo, Prosciutto, Melody of olives, Pecorino Romano, Chocolate covered dates, Cucumber with honey and Apricot Jelly

The second time, I bought a new Cheese Board which is bigger than the usual:

Fat Bastard Chardonnay

Gluten Free crackers, Biscotti, Melody of Olives, Provolone, Capocollo, Prosciutto, Dates, Green Apple, Brie, Cucumber with Honey, Apricot Jelly and Green Apple

And because we love it so much, here’s our third attempt:

Barefoot Pinot Grigio

Gluten free Crackers, Brie, Gorgonzola, Melody of Olives, Provolone, Capocollo, Prosciutto, Roasted Walnuts, Bruchetta, Green Apples and Pickles

Mr. P and I are big fans of Charcuterie. But we are also huge fans of saving. But do we really save if we do it ourselves? Maybe next time, we will tackle the prices. 

Keep smiling y’all!



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