Upcycled Project: Watering Can (Vintage + Restore by K)

Well hello there…

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You probably already know that I am in my home country. You probably have seen gazillion places and possibly met some of my friends. I will be back home soon and promise to show you our 1st major Project here in the Philippines. (Crossing fingers…)

For the meantime, here’s a project I made prior to my vacay:


I found this metal pitcher at a thrift store when I was on my “scavenger phase” during my Farm wedding 2011. I wanted to look for Rustic and vintage items to incorporate the laid-back feel for my theme and I ended up loving this beauty. I, of course painted it white with latex paint.

I have seen at Williams-Sonoma a slightly bigger Vintage Painted Watering can for $69.95 and I already felt nauseous. Since I got married I have been thrifty and made sure that I am financially responsible. I think that’s the effect I had when I married Mr. Pennypincher.

Most recently, Vintage and Restore by K sent me a paint color I decided to try.

Mauvelous by Vintage and Restore by K

As you noticed, I painted and repainted (the watering can) but nothing really sticks. I feel like it has to mesh with the garden.

I used Mauvelous by Vintage and Restore by K. This chalk paint is really easy to use.

Vintage and Restore by K is possibly one of the best chalk paints. The colors are absolutely awesome and the 16 oz goes a long way.  I honestly still have enough paint left for the next project..

The Old Portuguese neighbor gave this to me. I think she loves me. She never spoke to me except for a casual Hi and Hello wave when we see each other. But I think she see me planting succulents last year so she decided to give this to me.

Mauvelous (Vintage and Restore by K)

And now…

I love how the flowers are just show-off’s when I take their photos. Ha Ha Ha!

Finally a good use for my vintage watering can.

On a different note, I will still be here in my home country next month. We will travel on a secret getaway and as promised, you will always have a glimpse of a paradise I call HOME.

I miss Mr. P…

Keep smiling y’all!

Life is good! Xx


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