Upcycle Project: Statement Wall (part 2)

Hello from the tropical island of Philippines!

It’s been a super-duper busy day! Don’t worry, I don’t have a jetlag. Only people who doesn’t travel much get those. (kidding…)

Truth is, I have “carcolepsy”. Put me in a moving vehicle and in a few minutes I’m asleep. Mr. P during travels is not a sight, he is so stressed and never sleep. I on the other hand, as soon as the plane ascends, I’m looking for the sticker which states – Wake me up for Food…

Anyway, I’m showing you the fruit of my labor which I finished before this “vacation”:

This was the Wall of Blah.

Let me just tell you what happened here. I bought a shelf liner and then I had a “smart idea” to put it on my wall. But I sort of ran out of the liner only to realize that Marshalls no longer stock the exact color. Yeah. Very smart of me!

To those who knew me very well, they are aware that I am a skilled trouble-shooter. So I rummaged fabric from my storage and decided to drive my sewing machine. I made a seat cover out of the fabric just so I can hide and conceal the  spot.

But whatever the case may be, even if house guests thinks I have a nice “wall”,  in the deepest recesses of my being I know that I am hiding a deep, dark secret.


After a year of harboring my deep dark secret I finally muster the courage to fix it.



I kinda screwed-up but I managed to keep my cool:


Bought this PINK caulk and applied on the rough (uneven) edges:


It turns white/gray once it’s dry:


Then I painted using Cece Caldwell’s Nantucket Spray Paint with 3 coats:


If you knew me very well you are probably aware that whatever I do, I plan ahead. Sometimes there are hurdles but I am always positive that I will overcome whatever obstacle presented.


Let me just tell you a little bit about me and how I work. I draw, doodle, paint and stencil my paper before jumping on any project. You see, I suspect myself to be a non-artist. I am a strategist. I plan ahead. And everytime I free myself from thinking I actually have unattractive projects. So I draw before any possible projects. But hey, that’s me.

To each his own.

Here’s the finished product of my Statement Wall:

And here’s how it looks like after I hang all my frames:

I felt somehow that my stencil project is actually a success.

As the excitement builds-up and workloads pile-up, I take solace knowing that a few hours from now I will be reunited with family x friends, possibly sipping Margarita. Wait, I  hate Margarita’s and I am not a big fan of alcoholic beverages anymore. I am also not fond of wine. If there’s something I would drink nowadays that will be a Bellini or a Mimosa. I’d say that Champs is something I would drink anywhere.

Please follow me on IG: Mrs. Pennypincher (and I will be showing snippets of the beauty of the Philippines.)

Keep smiling everyone!



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