Upcycle Project: Statement Wall

Hello there…

This post is the first of a 3-part project solely devoted for my Apartment Wall. Please believe me when I say, brace yourself for the RAW-ness of this post.

Sooooo,  I have been for the longest time staring at my “BLAH -of-a-wall” and I must admit, It does not feel alive. There is no glam. There is no life. There is no sadness or joy. It was a wall. It was a BLAH!

This is the window.

I am appalled by this window. It faces the street which for a weird reason, do not bother me (or Mr. P…) at all. Sound is something that do not bother me. I remembered my flat in Dubai and everybody was complaining of the noise. I was like, “What noise?” Then I looked outside my window and there it was, a new building fully erected. “What happened? Where was I when they were building it?” And to think that it was just literally outside of my flat. So yes, noise do not bother me. (Unless domestic violence is involved.)

As you’ve noticed, I already changed the nasty looking curtain into a fresh-looking one. I’m so proud of this choice. I decided to cut paper which is of same size as my wall frames, so I can visualize if it will look good or not.

I bought 6 wall frames of the same size and color at Marshalls, my superstore for $10/piece. And then I decided to pick some photos which was the theme of that specific wall.

This wall is my Dubai Memory Wall. On the top I decided to put a Dubai map. Then from left to right: Bastakiya Quarters, Our Engagement Party with a Floral Pink theme at Splendid Hotel Apartments, Camel Ride during the Desert Safari, Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab (aka The Sail aka The World’s 7-star hotel) and Dinner date cruise at Bateaux Dubai.

So how do you think my wall looks? Don’t you just love it when your idea come to fruition?

Next time… I will share the other part of the wall which is bigger, wider and more time-consuming.

Keep smiling y’all!

Life is good… Xx


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