Upcycled Project: Repurposed Headboard to Console Table

Hello there…

I mentioned this story before:

A few years back, Mr. P’s golf buddy decided to move (and retire) to Florida. He then gave me a few pieces of furniture for the sole reason that it was made of Philippine Mahogany. He was so adorable!

So I decided to ask Mr. P (aka The Sandman) to do his job and I painted it with ASCP Provence:

After a year or two, the headboard started to wiggle and so I took it out, dismantled it and repurposed it as a console table in my living room.

Eversince I decided to make our crib “summer ready” the thought of having the “console table” became more and more pleasing but the more I stare at it, the more I think that it was not as cute as I wanted it to be.


I decided to re-paint it:

I used ASCP Old Vintage. Painted with 2 coats until I can no longer see any hint of the ASCP Provence.

I used ASCP Louis Blue and Royal Design Stencil and decided to show some L-O-V-E to my (future) guests by stenciling LOVE.

It’s clean and crisp and really cute. I think the photo does not even do justice to this project.

To say that I am in LOVE of this project is an understatement.

Whenever I was asked (when I was younger) what LOVE is, I always reply: LOVE is a zero score in tennis. I found love from my family and friends but when I met The Hubsy, I realize that LOVE is something we need in our lives. To show that we care. To make our heart beat a little faster. To make us feel more alive. To make our lives peaceful. To make the world a better place.


Keep smiling y’all!



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