Upcycled Project: Kat (Gilded Coffee Table)

Hello, Hello…

First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU for reading my blog. We are now on our 3rd MONTH and Mr. P and I are elated, ecstatic and exhilarated of your LOVE.

As you know by now, I have certain pieces that I so LOVE which reminds me of certain people in my life. This project is no exception.


2 years ago this piece was given to us and I thought it was for me. It was after a few months that Mr. P and I realized it was given to us to UPCYCLE. To be quite honest, this piece do not scream my name and before I realized it was not mine, (I thought to myself) what am I going to do with this? Clearly the crampy apartment is not worthy of a Gilded Age looking furniture and my fashion style is so much in-tune with my edgy vibe.


I’m not saying it has no potential, I’m saying it has great potential but not in my crib.

After few months, Mr. P told me it was to be taken back. I started sketching and planning with colors. I was still hesitant to paint it because now, here comes pressure. Although I work really well with pressure (Hell! I’m a Filipino, in my blood runs the immortal seeds of hero… okay, fine. That was an oratorical piece. What I’m trying to say is that I am resilient!) but I do not want to make a wrong decision.

So again it sat for months. It sat in my living room near my TV so I will be reminded of it from time to time. Maybe (just maybe) my creativity will kick-in.

This is Kat:


I met Kat (Thanksgiving 2010) and that was the first time I saw The Hubsy’s family. I think The Hubsy was a little nervous. I wasn’t. I was too cold (my first winter in New York)  and numb to even feel anything. And hungry…

Here’s the thing, if you are in a traditional Filipino gathering you do not get served with appetizers and then  dinner. You will arrive at a festive table with everything on it, including appetizers and desserts. Served altogether on top of a table waiting for you. It’s a smorgasbord!

So, when I arrived at The Hubsy’s home, there was a table with gazillion appetizers and because I was famished I decided to stuff myself with all of them. Yeah, I had shrimp cocktails in massive portions. Then when I sat feeling like Garfield with a huge tummy, they announced that dinner will be served shortly. That’s when I felt throwing up because of all the appetizers I had. From then onwards, I was never a fan of Shrimp Cocktails! Good times, Good times…

I was never really good with Mothers. None of my friends’ Moms liked me with the exception of one (but I am no longer friends with her daughter… ) I always feel judged and my rebellious nature always kicks-in. Meeting Kat was almost the same, she was not judge-y but she was kinda aloof at first. Maybe she was busy preparing all the sumptous dinner that I can no longer devour because first I am not a big fan of turkey (Eeewww!) and second, I was not feeling well because I engorged with all the appetizers.

After a few more visit and she finally warmed up. A few more visit and I warmed up. It was a reciprocal love.

Kat (the antique table) was quite similar. Creativity was  quite distant from me but after a while it finally kicked in. I decided to paint Kat exactly how she is supposed to be. With her French features suited during the Gilded Age.  I was staring everyday finding the right color and then BAM! That A-Ha! Moment arrived.




To achieve Kat’s transformation, Mr. P (aka The Sandman, insists to be referred to as such. Yeah, he’s a funny guy!) sanded the top, brought it to a professional because the table was detached and wiggly. He was quoted $175 and I thought, what are we? The Vanderbilts? So we haggled and it was $50. Yeah, I’m the Haggler, so does my Mother and her Mother before her. I come from a family of hagglers. Ha Ha Ha!


I used aubergine (ASCP emperor’s silk and duck egg blue) for the first coat and then topped with ASCP provence. I stenciled the top using Royal Design Studio (thanks to Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage for encouraging me to use the stencil design.) Then sealed with ASCP soft clear wax. I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Obsessed is probably the right word!

Then we ordered a custom-glass top for $60. I still think that’s too much but what do I know about glass tops right?


Sometimes we look too far for something within reach. Like Kat (the table) whom I kept on thinking and re-thinking what color would suit her, what medium, what process. When I finally cave in, I realized that what Kat deserves is whatever she is made for. She needs to go back to the Gilded Age.

I admire Kat for a lot of things. She is very creative and artistic and never get tired of learning new things. She is thoughtful and generous and always has new ideas. She is a good cook and  a good listener to her kids. She is a kind friend, caring daughter, devoted  wife, great mother and loving grandmother rolled into one amazing person who never gets tired of serving people she loves.

Kat inspires me in a lot of ways and I hope I have half the energy she has. It took me some time to actually realize what we have in common but I guess it was staring at me right from the start. We are kindred spirits, we are both creative and we both love the same man. She gave birth to this man so I can marry him.

Keep smiling y’all!



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