Inspiration: Gilded Coffee Table

Oh Hello there…

Mr. P and I are member of the Preservation Society of Newport. You might think, oh they are? How dare this couple refer to themselves as The Pennypincher’s if they are “hoity-toity”? Yes! How dare we?

I love going to the mansions in Newport. The prices range from $17.50 to $24 per mansion. I have relatives and friends who actually visit us here in The Lil Rhody and whenever that happens, we have to pay every time they decide to go to any mansion. Do you know how much that would cost us?

So, I decided to become a Member of the Preservation Society and it costs $80 (for both Mr. P and I…) with unlimited entry to any mansions, all year-long.  Now that’s why we are… The Pennypincher’s.

On a different note, here are some gilded inspiration for a project I have in mind:


Finding Silver Pennies

Ferpie & Pray

Judy Frankel

Eye for Design


El Taller de Lo Antiguo


Good news! 21 days to go and I will be traveling to my home country, Philippines. If you follow me on Instagram, I promise to show you a glimpse of its beauty.

Follow me on Instagram by clicking this link —> Mrs. Pennypincher

Keep smiling y’all!



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