Stencil Project: Retro End Table

Well Hello there…

As you know by now, I am obsessed with STENCILS. It just give any piece a certain bad-ass character which requires a compliment. Most of my pieces looks like crap before I “prettify” them and I get absolutely obsessed to turn them from drab to fab.

A few years back, Mr. P used to golf with this old Gentleman who decided to give us a lot of furniture just because they decided to move (and retire) in Florida. He gave us 2 large dressers, record player cabinet and 2 end tables, all made of Philippine Mahogany. Whether they gave me the furniture because I am from the Philippines (or not…) was never discussed. Possibly because they feel I might get offended.

I rarely get offended, I guess being from a third-world country, subjects you to ridicule at a young age. Plus the fact that my Mother is the epitome of a Tiger Mom (read the book…) and having her around resulted to growing a pair…

Anyway, here’s how the end table looks like:

I was not a big fan of the Retro-vibe of this end table but to think that this is made of Philippine Mahogany is reason enough for me to hold on to it. Plus the fact that I feel challenged with upcycling furniture. The bigger the challenge the better. I would like to say that I see good in something bad. That there is always a positive in any negative.

I call it, opportunities in adversities. Turn your problems into GOLD. Inhale with the good (positive energy) and exhale with the bad (negative energy).

Mr. P (aka The Sandman) sanded it. As I thought the wood effect will actually look great. Unfortunately, I saw this hurdle. I did not like that wood effect. I stared at this for days. I realized that I should apply the  Moroccan style stencil but with a beach-y vibe. So I toyed with gazillion colors in my head. At one point I even had dreams of those color.

Then one day I remembered that I still have Cece Caldwell Paints and the Santa Fe Turquoise will give me the Newport vibe I so desire.

Working in Newport influenced my design palate.

I used Cece Caldwell’s Simply White + Santa Fe Turquoise to achieve the marriage of a retro-modern end table. And though the stencil pattern reminds me of Morocco (which should be on my bucket list of places to visit) the color reminds me of Newport. Laid-back but still classy and elegant.

I used a glass knob but I might change it with something else one day. With this brain, who knows what will pop in my head next.

So, I hope you like this project. I still have to finish the other pair of end table today. I also need to start the Cane Dining Chairs as Mr. P jokingly told me that I have back-log with my production. I might cook dinner tonight too. But I just cant decide what to cook. Wait, I think I’m done with my laundry.

Today is a good day. Waking Up is reason enough to celebrate.

Keep smiling everyone! Life is good…



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