Upcycled Project: Painted Frames (part 3)

Hello, Hello…

There is a recycling store in Providence selling new and quality products which are overruns and previous (old & past) seasons.  I found this frame there for $5 which I consider a “steal” because it is sturdy and nicely done. What I did not like about it is the flower painting which is tacky.


The gold (or bronze) color of the frame bugs me so I decided to paint it with Cece Caldwell’s Nantucket Spray Chalk paint and after it dried, I painted it with Cece Caldwell’s Dover White Chalk paint.


 I used Cece Caldwell’s Dark wax to seal the paint.

Et Voila!

(If you can see the headboard, I am painting that with vintage white soon. It might take a couple of months though just because I still go to work and I always feel beaten up in there so I make my pet projects during my OFF.)

(The Before & After photo)

I like upcycling, I savor the moment I stroke the paintbrush on each project. I love the touch of the chalk paint on my hands. And I cant wait to put my hands on a bigger (much wider) project.

On a different note…

Let me tell you a story:

It was the blizzard of December 2010 that The Hubster and I got married. It has been 7 years of wedded bliss, of course not everyday is a happy day but the best thing about our marriage is that 98% of the time is spent with love.

In the issue of blizzard, I decided to “upcycle” our wedding frame where guests signed. This frame was the original one and not during the Farm Wedding September 2011. Yes, we had  another wedding just because we had a City Hall wedding during the blizzard and yet, the Hubster’s family were not able to arrive due to the overwhelming amount of snow which disabled roads.

I bought this frame at Michael’s (super crafts store!) and the photo was taken at Sakonnet Vineyards (Little Compton, Rhode Island) which for me is an amazing place to have engagement shots. Of course, we got verbal permission from the management. 

Anyway, I decided to lighten the color of the frame. I want it sweet, light and airy.

I used different kinds of paint but the Annie Sloan Henrietta + Old White + a dash of pearl plaster made this frame exactly what I envisioned.

I then sealed it with Annie Sloan Clear wax and it made the frame possess a lighter feel. I also love the texture that the Annie Sloan brush gave to the frame.

Annie Sloan paintbrush No. 8 is sold at $30. I usually just use a $2 paint brush but I just closed my eyes when I paid and when I started using it, all doubts was erased. I am now a believer!

I am not sure if the photograph (or how I took the photo) gave justice to the end product but I am really in love with the Pearl Plaster I added on the Annie Sloan paint.

This year, I promise to be more creative with my medium. Maybe (just maybe…) enroll on an art class to enhance my gift. But one thing I am 100% sure of, I will continue to share my creative explorations.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Keep smiling y’all! Let’s all strive to be HAPPY!



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