Upcycled Project: Knox (Tea Cart)

Hello, Hello…

 I found this piece a few years back when it was posted via craigslist with a very expensive tag.  After a year, the store was relocating and they have gazillion things on sale.  I came, I haggled, I conquered.

This is Knox:

Knox was my College friend. We were both Student Leaders in our Department, both competitive, equally ambitious and dedicated, both determined (though I believe he is more), both into fashion (though I believe I am more) and we were both protective of our friends.

When they say that water seeks its own level, that is quite accurate with us. We were kindred spirits, we both love the same thing and we hang out with basically the same clique. We loved the same teachers and hated (almost) the same people. We were friends and competitors. And we love each other dearly.

Knox (my Tea Cart) was something I needed in my life. And when opportunity presented itself to me, I grabbed it. It sat for years on my kitchen and then a few years on my living room. I then decided to paint it with a lively color to make me cheerful. Because that was what Knox was, always bright and full of optimism.

I (first) painted Knox using ASCP English Yellow and used ASCP graphite sealed with ASCP clear wax. And he sat for another year bringing me joy.

I was still in Junior when Knox graduated, he then worked at a luxury cruise but every 6 months we will still hangout. We were constantly emailing and chatting. When I graduated, I went to Cyprus for 6 months (a life story, I may disclose some day) and then went to Dubai where I worked for 4 years.

He visited me in Dubai and had the best time clubbing with friends.

We were always in each others lives and he make sure that my feet is on the ground because let’s be honest, sometimes my bratty attitude always gets in the way. He was so driven and he knows what he wants in life. He was always full of love for his family. He was constantly thinking of his Mother and his siblings.

After months of sitting in my living room I decided its now time to repaint Knox. It may have been pretty to look at but I felt like there’s something missing.  I felt that it no longer give me the cheerful vibe I needed in my life. I feel that it has never served its purpose just sitting lonesome in the corner of my living area.

l made this two-toned just like my previous project. I used aubergine (ASCP emperor’s silk and duck egg blue) for the first coat and then topped with ASCP provence. I stenciled the top using Royal Design Studio (thanks to Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage for my source of inspiration) Then sealed with ASCP soft clear wax.

This Tea Cart is absolutely amazing with its flexibility. It can be used as a Tea Cart, a Bar Cart (if you are into drinking) and a Breakfast Cart. It has 2 leaf so you can easily prop it to your bed while watching TV, reading a book, working on your computer or having breakfast.

Knox was one of my best friends. We were classmates and organized a tour for one of our subjects/course, spearheaded seminars for our college department, together we raised expectations when we joined and lead (we were school presidents consecutively) the Peer Counselors, we held the highest grade when we defended our THESIS. We rented an apartment together for 1 semester, we were roommates in Manila when we were looking for jobs and we went to Caramoan Island when it was still under-developed.

He was a constant reminder that I should do more for my family, for my friends, for myself.

How many sensible and senseless stories we shared? Dreams and aspirations in life were completely discussed, debated, argued. We had highs and lows, we had ebbs and flows. From the time I saw him (almost) kissing a frog to the time I discovered he kissed my bestfriend. How many smiles and tears we shared? Our obsession with alcohol and pretend that it was all for our Beverage Management Class. How many places we went and how many people we encountered?

I call him my Boyfriend. Because he was a boy and he was my friend. He is my friend. Until the time that I am no longer breathing, he is and He will forever be my friend.

6 years ago, Knox died.  It was heartbreaking. He was one of the closest friends I ever had and I love him dearly. Our mentor, Ms. Gomez wanted for us to go to the Philippines and seek justice for his death. A few days after his death, I dreamt about him. I was vacationing in a tropical island (St. Croix) and I saw him. I chased him and then I lost him, when I was standing near a Cafe, he grabbed me and said, “Don’t look for me, I am happy now.” That’s when I realized, I have to stop obsessing of what I should do to help him (or what I thought I can do for him) and let go.

Year 2015, I visited his Mom. It has been ages since I last visited his house and we sort of got lost that we started asking people. After an hour or two, we finally arrived at their house and I spoke with his Mom for awhile until the time I realized I do not want to be there. Not because of anything else but because I think I was still hurting. I was never brave to see his grave or strong to even deal with his loss. Something I thought I already resolved. A loss of a friend is something that you carry in your lifetime. The hurt does not stop just because he passed away. The pain does not stop it just became bearable.

Everytime I had a problem I think of him and what he will tell me. I think of him during my happy moments and wish he was there to cheer me during  the not-so happy ones. He met The Hubsy only during our Skype sessions and he told me that I am lucky to have him as a Husband but he is luckier to have me as a wife. He never fails to lift my spirit up and always puts my feet on the ground.

I love you Knox. I will forever be thankful for the good times and the not-so good times we had. Thank you for making sure that my ego is on check, thank you for always being there to support me and love me no matter how bitchy I am. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I will never forget you. Your memory will lives on…

When I painted my tea cart, I thought of Knox. He is a constant reminder that however hard life is, there is always hope. And there are endless possibilities, all we need is faith and a little push called DETERMINATION.

P.S. There are gazillion projects on mind and I am just so excited to tackle each of them. It was a bit busy at work for two weeks but after that it’s back to downtime and I can concentrate more on my UPCYCLING. This year I am ready to face everything full of optimism.

Keep smiling y’all!



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