Inspiration: Tea Cart

Hello, Hello…

Tea carts originated during the 1600s and 1700s in England where they were used to serve the exotic beverage brewed from loose, dry tea leaves – during that era, tea is considered an expensive commodity kept safely locked away in mansions and manor houses.

Fun fact about me: I love visiting the Newport Mansions. So much that I became a member of the Preservation Society of Newport. So to say that I love LUXURY is an understatement. You should see my collection of shoes!

I know, I know… You will say, how dare her call herself, Mrs. Pennypincher!

Prior to marrying Mr. Pennypincher, I splurge a lot. As the great Carrie Bradshaw (SJP in SATC) said: I like my money where I can see it, in my closet!

But I changed a lot during the course of our marriage. For a few years, I think I lost my drive. My Bestfriend said that when she saw my eyes, it lost its spark. That was a sad realization. But sad as it is, it’s probably TRUE.

I no longer splurge on impractical things. Whenever I am seduced by buying expensive (and when I say expensive, we’re talking Jimmy Choo’s or Yves Saint Laurent or even a DVF for that matter) I think and rethink and even resort to a conversation between the good ol’ Me, Myself and I. So yeah, I am no longer an impulsive buyer.

As I was saying…

Here are some of my fave TEA CARTS on PINTEREST:


Home Talk

Orphans With Make-Up

The Gold Bar Cart


I love the beauty of old world but I am also drawn to the rustic design of Crate and Barrel. This is probably what I would like to have if I want one.

crate and barrel

It’s OFF SEASON in the hotel and we have less hours/shift at work which means (less money, facepalm but also…) more time to work on projects. You see, I have travel plans from mid-March to May and I need all the moolah I can get. So yeah, goodluck to me!

BTW, as I mentioned Newport Mansions, the sole reason why I decided to be a member of the Preservation Society is because of the unlimited visits to the Mansions. Mansion Tours costs approximately $25 per adult (depending on which Mansion) per Mansion or $35 for 5 Mansions.  Now imagine, whenever friends and family members visit us, we have to pay this amount? But, if you are a member, you pay $80 (dual) and you have unlimited visits. Isn’t that a steal? I’m so proud of myself! (ha ha ha)

Keep smiling y’all!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. bloodberrydc says:

    I love old country glam so much! Tea Carts always add a touch of glam to any room. I’ll definitely consider getting one.

    It’s so hard to practice minimalism when you see things like this. Darn it.

    Keep these inspos coming though. I can still resist the temptation heehee


    1. LeLa SunLo says:

      Tease me, tease me baby… till I lose control…tease me with your love until I lose control… LOLZ


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