Stencil Project: Shed by Vintage and Restore by K

Well Hello there February…

I have this thing about old and un-loved things. I feel for them, I look at them and I feel pain. Nobody even admires them or give them a compliment. And most often than not, I will embrace them and give them a bit of life.

Ordinary is boring. It always makes sense to put a little bit of color in our lives. Literally and figuratively spoken.

When I was young (er) I was full of life. I noticed that I do not exude the same vibrance I once did. My Bestfriend said I no longer have the same fire in my eyes. That makes me sad but  I guess I’m just exhausted…

Putting some colors around me makes me a bit happy. So I paint.

This is a shed that was given to us by our Landlord, Spencer. (Well, it’s not given figuratively. It was designated for us to utilize…) It looks tired and drab.

I asked Spencer if I can paint it. It is the only eyesore in our mini-garden and I was thinking of having a small party (or maybe more…) so I need it to look a bit presentable. He agreed. He said, as long as it’s tamed.

I immediately took Mauvelous by Vintage and Restore by K

Stenciled over the wood using Royal Design Studio pattern.

I stared at it for quite a long time. It does not POP. I know that my Landlord agreed for me to paint it as long as its tamed (color) but our mini-garden needed a little bit of color. Although this is quite cute, it does not mesh with its surrounding.

After a few days (maybe even weeks) I seem to sleep with this color on mind.  It just does not sit well with me. I finally decided to re-do this project.

I painted the entire door using Mauvelous by Vintage and Restore by K.

I took out Sunflower Fields by Vintage and Restore by K and stenciled over the Mauvelous paint.

Because I love the durability and quality of Royal Design Studio stencil, I used another design/pattern over the Mauvelous by Vintage and Restore by K.

I love the RUSTIC vibe and Sunflower Fields by Vintage and Restore by K is the perfect (but subtle…) Pop of Color it needed.

Mr. P commented that the stencil design matches the metal design on top of the door.

Even Spencer loves it.

 Chalk Paint:  Mauvelous + Sunflower Fields (Vintage and Restore by K)
Stencil:  Royal Studio Design

This year, I promise to be more vigilant with fixing the crib. I have always been overwhelmed by domestic stuff (i.e. cleaning, laundry, tidying…) especially because growing up in the Philippines we actually have household help. I had one after College (as well) while I was working in Manila (capital of the Philippines) so I was a little off with household stuff. It took me years to actually embrace my fate. (Ha ha ha)

As I have mentioned, this year I promise to be more active, proactive and productive.  I hope  Mr. P will one day be so proud of how far I have come.

Keep smiling y’all.



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