Inspiration: Upcycled Shed


First and Foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to y’all for taking the time to read my blog and for continued support. You are all amazing!

It’s the last week of January and I felt that we have accomplished a lot.  It’s another month of struggling with WINTER blues and 2 more months before my vacay in the tropical island of Philippines. Yes, I will be out and about in my home country. Possibly (just possibly…) you will get a glimpse of its beauty.

For the meantime, let’s get inspired with these gorgeous sheds as inspiration of a future project:

Funky Junk

finding silver pennies

better homes & garden




For the longest time, I was never open of my dreams. This year, I am going to share more and be more active, proactive and productive. I will be open of my dreams and aspirations in life and hopefully, it can also inspire you.

One of my biggest dreams is to own a Resort Farm in the Philippines. I may be far away from achieving this dream as I am on the process of achieving a smaller scale of a dream as of the moment. But, when I have my own Resort Farm,  this (photo below) will be situated in the middle of the garden.  Hey, it’s always FREE to dream…

better homes & garden

I have a 150 year-old apartment with 2 small rooms (one room function as my walk-in closet/guest bedroom) and 1 small office (which has a bed for a possible guest…) with a small area for laundry, small bathroom, a kitchenette and a small living space. Note that I kept repeating the word SMALL. Because it is.

It also has a small backyard for Mr. P’s garden. It is  4 short-blocks away from the bus stop (hello, I don’t drive…), a block away from Del’s Lemonade, Edible Arrangements and Post Office, 2 blocks from Police and Fire Department, a bike path leading to either Bristol or Barrington and a 5 minute walk to an organic store perfect for our cooking needs.

So yes, it is hard to look for something at par with the convenience it provides. And I told Mr. P that I want to stay here and move only if we have our own house. It has been almost 5 years of staying here and though I appreciate the convenience, I never really love the place. This year, I would like to open my heart and learn to love it as it has brought us joy as well.

Keep smiling y’all!



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