Upcycled Project: Painted Frames

Hello there…

A few days ago I posted inspiration for upcycled frames and I decided to share more of my painted frame projects. You see, whenever I think of a color on a big projects like a dresser or a table, it is always smart to try it on smaller pieces. And that’s what I usually do.

This is my first ever “My Precious” (gollum-voice) using the Cece Caldwell paint. What I like about the product most is their wax, which do not smell. At all. It is safe for children and pregnant women. Not that I am pregnant. I am just saying.

Most of the furniture we own are given to us. This frame was given by my FIL (Yes! That’s Father-in-Law) and for months it was displayed on our hallway. The Hubster loved it at first until he agreed to have it “upcycled”.


As everyone who knew me, I love PINK. I may not have lots of clothes with that color but I do have strong fascination with the girly color. So I painted it with Cece Caldwell (Traverse City Cherry + Vintage White) and I came up with a darker than the usual pink. I took one of the scrap of high end fabric I bought at a Recycling Center (super-duper cheap) and placed it inside the frame instead. After which I used Cece Caldwell dark wax to seal the chalk paint.

And Voila! The end product is a really really nice Old Country frame. I turned the piping of the previous frame and I found out that it was black and used it instead of the purplish color just so it would not be too girly and the Hubster can still appreciate it.

So here is the before and after photo and I must say, I am perfectly pleased with the outcome.

I was used to just using white on furniture that I forgot I can also experiment with other colors.  I will post more photo frames project next month. Promise!

Keep smiling y’all!



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