Inspiration: Stencil Design

Hello, Hello…

Last year I was the great procrastinator.  I always have an excuse for doing something. I always say, I have a full-time job but I have a cousin with a full-time job (plus 3 kids!) and she can still cook and do a lot of things that I couldn’t . I always say that I get so exhausted with my job but my Sister in-law has a full-time and 2 part-time jobs. I always say that  I have creative-block but my Sister has a full-time job (with 1 kid) and still manage to make fondant cakes.

So yeah, I am a Procrastinator. I can barely cook for Mr. Pennypincher and he has 2 jobs too. This year, I promise to be better. It does not matter how slow my pace is, as long as I keep moving.


I’m sharing one of my favorite STENCIL finds on Pinterest:

the whimsical wife

Miss Mustard Seed

Royal Design Studio

Royal Design Studio

Royal Design Studio

Modern Jane Design

Royal Design Studio

Miss Mustard Seed

Curated Style

I love stencils. It gives a certain flair to any furniture. I am a big fan of REINVENTION and somehow believes that everything and everyone should be given chances. We should never give up in life, there is always hope. We will always find someone who will love, adore and show us off.

Keep smiling y’all!



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