Upcycled Project: Abby (Rustic Vintage Dresser)

When I “upcycle” any piece, I do not think of it as an inanimate object, I think of it as a person. And its usually inspired by someone (past, present or future) who made a mark in my life. You see, I love to bring any piece back to glorious moments. Usually the pieces I find are no longer wanted and I would like to put a value to them, so they will flourish as they once did.

Kinda’ like life right?

I’m calling her Abby:

Abby has been with me for the longest time (literally and figuratively) I remembered the time we first met and our ups and downs as friends. She was stubborn and smart and (kinda) pretty and ambitious and driven and focused.  She knows what she wants and she will work diligently until the time she gets it. And usually when she gets what she wants, she wanted more.

Abby, (the rustic vintage dresser) was actually a freebie when I bought gazillion things from this creepy-looking guy via Craigslist. Abby, (my dear dear friend) was also a “freebie” when I started hanging out with the girls from LCA. She was their friend and though it took awhile for me to actually see the potential (because she was a little indifferent and a little judge-y. Yeah, she was. She has this judge-y eyes camouflaging as dopey-eyes) I eventually started to like her when we realized that we love the same things. Mainly alcohol. Yeah, I think it was alcohol from the get-go.

It was FUN when you get to be rebellious during your teenage years. It was not as FUN to continue doing the same thing as you age. The difference when you get older (none the wiser!) is that you are no longer rebelling. You are just a LOSER. And that, I cannot (for the life of me!) accept.

When we were younger, we had so much FUN that we forgot how time flies and we just found ourselves at the bottom. You see, when we were so busy having FUN we forgot what we wanted in life. We just focused on the present and for a moment there we were oblivious of the future.  We have to gather our wits before its too late to even get out of that position.

And when we did, we stood tall, confident as ever that life will be so much better. That was when we realized, SHIT! We are grown-ups!

Abby (my Rustic Vintage Dresser) has probably enjoyed glorious days as well until the time that the owner decided to let her go. Then she sat for years on that storage room until the time I noticed that she has good bones and a lot of potential. I took her home, The Hubsy sanded her and I painted her with ASCP Graphite.  Then, I used her as my TV stand:

After battling with what theme I should have in my crampy apartment, I then realized I wanted Beach over Rustic and Abby has to go.

Not because I don’t love her but because I do love her and I do not want to repaint her again. She looks so good but we were not fit for each other anymore. You see, if I sell something that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like it anymore. That means I love it so much and I will painstakingly look for someone who will love them as much as I did.

Kinda like love in general. You just need to find that someone whom your heart desires. And it will not be for long because if you made yourself so beautiful and healed your own wounds and you are confident enough, it will resonate. And you will find what you’re looking for.

Anyway, as I am finally selling Abby,  I decided to repaint her (with the same color) for a more vibrant effect.

I am confident enough that Abby will soon find the person fit with her beauty.

Abby and I have been friends for the longest time (as I have mentioned earlier, I just like to repeat things…) and she inspires me. I do not say that word too often to her. Hell, I do not say that word to her at all!

I am inspired of how insatiable she is. I hope one day I  can have that energy to fully commit to something and never let go until the time I finally get what I want. I don’t think that is too difficult to do, I think all we need is determination. That, and a lot of faith.

Keep smiling everyone!



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