Inspiration: Rustic Vintage Dresser

hello, hello…

As promised, one of the highlights of my blog is to showcase great talents and we will call it,

Here’s  the thing about me: I love pretty things. I love pretty things and I feel that I do not have just one style. My crib is an amalgamation of all pretty things but never cohesive. This year, I am opting for a beach theme. Yeah, I will stick to that. After all, I am residing at the Ocean State. (wink)

However, that should not stop me from loving RUSTIC VINTAGE style.  Here are some dresser that inspired me to upcycle a project:

general finishes design center

general finishes design center


Ferpie and Fray

general finishes design center

orphans with make-up

Another Ball of Inspiration courtesy of PINTEREST. Which by now you already know that I am addicted to. Sometimes I wanted to just scroll for 15 minutes which eventually will go as far as 3 hours. That is how my addiction with Pinterest goes. Too much. Too much. I should restrain myself or check-in on a pinterest-rehab. (any suggestions?)

Keep smiling y’all!



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