Ball of Inspiration

Hello, Hello…

I used to blog (for the longest time ever!) for personal consumption. A few years back, I decided to start blogging publicly and gained a few friends and readers as well. 2018 is different, I am now more confident to share things about myself and my writing is getting better. (I hope! wink!)

Today, I am sharing my ball of Inspiration with the thought that in the process it might INSPIRE you as well. Here’s what to expect of my future content:

Miss Mustard Seed

I’ve known of Miss Mustard Seed for a long time and I am a big fan of her aesthetics. I personally have not met her nor tried her products but maybe (just maybe) I will try it this year.

Annie Sloan

Approximately 6 years ago, I chanced upon Annie Sloan and her amazing (amazing, yes, I’m that person who repeat words just for emphasis!) product, CHALK PAINT. She started it all… She is a GENIUS! I’m not just a huge FAN, I am a GINORMAS (gigantic, enormous, massive) fan of her.

I found this amazing shop in Bristol (Sea Rose Cottage) which carry her products and I have been hooked eversince.

Ferpie and Fray

Avid fan of Ferpie and Fray’s aesthetics. Super cute and very inspiring. I often look at their pieces when I’m feeling sad. It kinda lift me up…

Martha Leone Design

Love (love, love) her designs. I just love (I can’t say enough love!) retro- modern vintage vibe. There are times that I think of recreating her pieces but I just need to gather courage…

Royal Design Studio

Nancy from Sea Rose Cottage  introduced me to stenciling. I was obsessed! My brain twitch whenever I think of stencils and the vast blank space which can turn to anything magical.

Emily Henderson Design

I never watched Emily Henderson on HGTV but I chanced upon her instagram and it felt so organic that I should know of her.  I love her aesthetics! Especially love her home. And this tiles? Perfection!

Honestly Yum

Circa 2012, Mr. Pennypincher (aka the Hubsy) and I went to this restaurant in Water St., Warren and chanced upon this restaurant called Cheese Plate. We absolutely loved it! (Is it considered redundant if I keep on repeating LOVE?) The Restaurant closed a few years back.

Last Summer, almost every other week, we make our own charcuterie board. We simultaneously make our own version and presentation. And I can’t wait for this years’ Cheese Plate showdown as I will bring my A-Game. (wink, wink)

The Cottage Market

Mr.  Pennypincher is a  Master Gardener (thank you, University of Rhode Island) and he influenced me to start my own garden. Except for me it was not veggies or flowers but something that I can relate with, succulents. I was never the sweet type of gal. So it is just proper to assimilate with my kind. (he he he)


We will feature the Mr. Pennypincher’s garden (which look nowhere near this beaut!) but I wanted to share this photo as one day, I will have a roof top garden. I kid you not! (wink, wink)

Keep smiling y’all!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. bloodberrydc says:

    Hi Lexy!!

    I love reading your about furniture upcycling! I can only watch because I don’t have the time or space to do such awesome work. It pleased me lots when I saw you’re also into cheese platters coz’ at that time I was also hoarding pinterest pegs for charcuterie lolz!

    Hope to see you soon!!


    P.S. I finally set up the blog I said I’d put up heehee


    1. LeLa SunLo says:

      Thanks for Reading and following my new blog. I also just followed yours and I’d say, keep up the good work. I will be in Manila on April and we’ll set-up a get-together with the gang! See you soon! Xx


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