The Power of Stencil

Hello, Hello…

I am a serial obsesser. Like the time I was introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I painted almost everything in Old White.  Or the time I was obsessed with floral, I bought gazillion dresses with flowers and I just woke up one day with a closet full of floral dresses.

The same thing applies to my obsession with Stencils.  Here are few (before and after) photos of my stencil projects:

Most of the furniture I upcycle are given to us.

(above photo) End table was given by a golf-buddy of Mr. P when they decided to sell their house and move to Florida. The Gentleman gave it to me because it is made of Philippine Mahogany and he probably thought  it was the nearest thing to a HOMECOMING. (Ha ha ha) This was sold to a Lady who recently moved to New England.

(below photo) End table was given to us right after we got married. I painted it numerous time until the time it became this beauty. This was sold to a Gentleman who barely spoke but I hope he loved it. (He he he)

I love upcycling big furniture because the idea of transformation excites me like a schoolgirl looking at her crush.

(above photo) I bought this drawer for a minimal price and flipped it. A preppy good-looking (fresh out of a Ralph Lauren ad – looking) couple went to check it out and bought it. It was (to my knowledge) my first SALE ever. I know it’s not stenciled but imagine the possibility of stencil, it would have added pizzaz…

(below photo) This record player drawer was given to us (together with the Philippine Mahogany end table) and it was so crappy I decided to make it my first-ever stencil project. I then stored my ASCP paints on it until the time a very edgy lady (really COOL) offered me an amount I cannot refuse, so I sold it and bought more paints. (Ha ha ha)

A few years back, I jut sold my Dining Table and decided to scout a new one. I chanced upon this cute breakfast table fit for our kitchenette. It was so cute but not a big fan of the color. So I decided to upcycle it using ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) and Royal Design Stencils.

So after I finished this project, out of curiosity I posted it on Craigslist just to test the water if its a saleable item. Of course after a week I was again, Table-less… (ha ha ha)

I used to live on a (150 year-old) apartment which is so tiny just fit for a petite Asian like me. Mr. P and I loved the location, the Apartment not so much. It’s been years of living in that shabby apartment and last year ( March) we finally moved to another apartment with bigger space.

I will share photos soon…

Upcycling is a HOBBY for me. Something I enjoy doing but because I have a full-time job at a hotel, it is also something that I do not have time for. I am however more vigilant now, especially in making our space something cute so I can finally show it to you guys!

Join me on this journey and I hope in the process you can learn from me…

Keep smiling y’all!


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The Pennypinchers

Welcome to Mrs. Pennypincher 😍

After much deliberation between Me, Myself & I, there was unanimous decision. We are re-launching our site. A new and much improved blog.

This blog is all about our 🏠.

We will showcase our love for 🍜, occasional recipes to be shared, upcycling furniture, my newfound love for 🌵🌱 (courtesy of my Master Gardener Hubsy) and Ming (the stray 🐈 who adopted us) whom we simply adore.

We love pretty things without paying full price (except for shoes, 🤣) and in our  itty bitty tiny world, we improvise, we save (for something better) and we share.

Together, we are The Pennypinchers.

Feel free to comment and suggest ideas (via my 📧 and maybe we can also make a collaboration, if time permits.

Welcome to our home. Mi Casa es su Casa!


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